Writing a strategy? Where do you begin?

Strategy-Development2-290x220I ran a workshop this week on strategy development and offered a simple template for writing a strategy. It is always hard to know where to pitch a workshop like this. There is a mixture of senior and junior staff and experience of strategy writing. However, during the session, I think we all agreed, it is really useful to take time out to sit back and then set out a framework of what needs to be and as importantly what does not! Once you have that shape you can focus on the key issues for the strategy, discussions you need to have with other parts of the organisation and make sure that what you are proposing is consistent with your mission and, of course, deliverable. As the world gets ever more complicated and layered, it can be helpful to have 8 simple headings to follow to structure some of that complexity into bite size pieces – I’ll leave you with the outline…..

  1. Purpose of the strategy
  2. Background
  3. Strategy summary
  4. Method of delivery
  5. Enabled by:
    • Training
    • Resources
    • Staff
    •  Budget
  6.  Setting targets, evaluation and monitoring
  7.  Strategy Review
  8.  Action Plan


Best wishes for a great weekend,