Working on the business or in the business and the power of two

A key argument for building a successful business is to work on the business and not just in the business. That’s a great theory but when you’re juggling a busy young family and starting a business it’s not that straightforward. But who wants straightforward and easy? Well I like it occasionally but mostly I don’t.

As the rest of the house sleeps I’m up and about and working on our plans for 2013. In particular, I’m working on some training courses that we’re going to run in the Spring on influencing and negotiation. One of our key strategies is to focus on developing products that we can take to market. In the ten years that I’ve been working on my own as a consultant, I’ve taken a reactive approach to business. What’s changed now is that I’m working in partnership with Judith. The difference of throwing my rucksacks in with Judith has been far more significant than either of us could have foreseen. We are taking a very strategic approach to developing the business and are very motivated and excited by our plans. As we’re both goal orientated (a bit of an understatement) working together suits us perfectly. We have a shared ambition and vision for the business and together we’ll make it happen and will carve out time to work on developing the business. There are exciting times ahead.

Please check out our website Inspiring Partnerships for more information. We’re going to be making changes in the next couple of weeks as we grapple with search engine optimisation (SEO), including imbedding the blog into the site.

This is our last post of 2012, so seasonal greetings to all