Why do we blog?

In a hectic month, end of projects looming and new ones beginning, with children going back to school and the usual cycle of domestic challenges, I wondered why am I blogging?  Why am I adding to my “to do” list with yet another job?

I have to admit I do quite enjoy it!  Nic will tell you that I took some persuading originally – as a bit of a technophobe and social media novice – I couldn’t really see that it was something I could or should do – but now I am quite the evangelist!  So why did I change my mind?


  1. It helps me reflect on the week and the current challenges, successes and the things that are puzzling me.  I would probably shut down the laptop lid and finish work but thinking about a blog topic makes me reflect, focus on good things and find the positives elsewhere.  In that way it has helped me find solutions.
  2. It has gone on to help me further develop my thoughts and opinions and look around to see who else is writing about the same issues – as a self employed home worker it would be easy to stay quite isolated from new thinking but blogging has encouraged me to look outwards.  I think it is beginning to help me think more creatively.
  3. It has allowed Nic and I the opportunity to promote our skills and expertise and bring people up to date with new ventures and activities.  We may not have time to overhaul the website but we do have time for a quick blog!
  4. And that has then given us something to say on Twitter, Linked in and Facebook.  We want to ensure that our social media presence is up to date and regular; blogging weekly is a way of achieving this.  We hope that our marketing strategy is working!  The best blogs do lead to a rise in Linked in searches.
  5. It has helped people – I have read blogs that helped me but I never thought that we could do the same but we have!  It has been useful to share issues or insights and then read comments.  It has been particularly good to hear that other small businesses locally or in the sector have enjoyed reading it and felt a common bond with the sentiments or issues discussed.

As a small business woman, I guess the blogging should be about business growth and income and of course, Nic and I do aim to succeed in that.  However, we have also enjoyed writing them and I hope that come across in the blogs – let us know what you think.  What do you get out of reading our thoughts?  Have fun thinking about it!

Best wishes for the working week,