question marks

Who needs gurus?

question marks

In our bathroom we have a little book of quotations, it’s a nice-leather bound with thick paper and a pink ribbon book mark.  It’s full of words of wisdom from a whole range of people from prophets to business leaders.  I often flick through it and happen upon one that really resonates and then I go about with my day.

I’m new to social media and seem to be bombarded with advice on anything and everything I could possibly want (and not want).  Unlike my book in the bathroom, I find it hard to put down social media for the day.  There is so much information out there on how to drive business to our site, how to convert leads into sales, how to get ahead with inbound marketing, how to be more confident, etc all from ‘experts’ and self styled ‘gurus’. Most of it is common sense.

It’s easy to get drawn into reading stuff, well not quite reading it but flicking through it particularly if you’re a procrastinator.  Too much information makes us lose sight of our own wisdom, knowledge and judgement.

So I’m sticking to what I know, always do what I say I’m going to do, always deliver a bit more than expected,  to do work you enjoy as it’s an awfully big part of your life and to be open minded, so I’ll keep an eye on the offers just in case.