What we’ve learnt in our first year



Judith and I have been business partners for a year!  How did that happen?  It’s gone so quickly.

Anniversarys always make me reflect and a work one is no different.  So here are the key lessons that I’ve learnt during the last year, I wonder if Judith will agree..

  1. Work hard to nurture your existing clients.  The majority of our work comes from existing or former clients.
  2. Stay true to your core values.  Our clients value our work ethic, commitment, honesty and integrity as much as we do.
  3. Networking is important but network strategically.  When time is short, particularly when you juggle business with a young family, the way in which you use it is key. Be forensic about networking-be clear about why you are networking, what you have to offer and what you hope to get out of any networking.
  4. It’s never a deal until the everything is signed and sealed!  Not that I didn’t know it before but I’ve learnt this one again (and again).
  5. Do work that you enjoy and where you can make a difference.  One of my current pieces of work is politically sensitive but I know that I’m making a real difference to the success of the collaboration.
  6. Build up a network of support and colleagues in your field.  We work closely with other businesses to extend our offer and our expertise.  Be generous with your time and support to your colleagues.
  7. Be open to new ideas, ways of working and collaborations.  You never know where it will take you.
  8. Always deliver a little extra for your client, it really builds good will and results in great customer service.
  9. Be an expert in your field, that’s what clients pay you for.  Don’t shy away from the title, embrace it and keep learning.
  10. Finally and most importantly-choose the right partner!  Judith is brilliant, talented, hardworking and she always delivers.  She’s also a great friend.

That’s it.  Work hard, have fun.