What do we need to make progress?

progressI had a fascinating meeting this week with Andrew Hatcher about MAPP:  It is a simple planning system which enables an organisation or individual to plan and manage results.  It is very visual and allows progress to be set out and then ticked off as the steps are made towards the destination.  Find out more at www.appknow.net.

I have been considering this in two ways this week – firstly as a project management tool to enable teams of people who may not be professional project managers – or indeed even realise that they are managing a project – to set common objectives and monitor progress.  So often activities fail as plans were too vague, people did not know their role and did not ensure progress was being made in a timely fashion.  I think MAPP could help teams to function and deliver results with very simple and cost effective approaches.  It creates a simple route to an objective accessible to all team members.

The second area of interest is in supporting unemployed people back to work.  As jobless numbers fall, the barriers to work by those remaining unemployed will become more significant.  One of the biggest barriers alongside physical and mental health issues is confidence.  By seeing YOUR plan and monitoring YOUR progress YOU may start to feel a sense of achievement and optimism that training courses and activities you are undertaking contribute to an achievable goal of employment.  It may make that objective a little more real.

The approach has been tried in working with people with dyslexia in Cambridgeshire.  The journey into work was mapped out using the visual tool that is available on any internet connected device.  The impact on employment rates for dyslexic people was a massive rise in employment from 15% of people to 85% going into work.    Complex paperwork could be facilitated by the simple visual tool.

Visual tools can be immensely important tools for us all – we can tick off an action on a to do list and take pleasure in it (well I do anyway!) but this is a way of creating a personal to do list for an individual  needing a bit of extra help, indicating the steps and allowing them to tick off their progression, enabling intervention where it is needed.

Please check it out and try it out on the Andrew’s website – let me know what you think about it possible uses in your business.

Have a great weekend,