Doing is better than perfect- particularly with constraints


Do you remember when you were a child and days seemed to last for ever? Now they mostly fly by but occasionally I experience a day that seems to be longer than the norm.  I’ve studied the concept of time, but let’s not go there as I have 15 minutes to finish this blog entry.  What I will talk about briefly is two things: how to make time stretch and how to make the most use of it.

I heard a theory a while ago about why time seems to speed up as we get older.  This is because we aren’t experiencing things for the first time anymore, it’s all repeats.  When we’re young, life is much more exciting as it’s full of new experiences  adventures and sights. Watching my three year flicking sand in the sun this afternoon whilst gleefully shouting ‘I’m making a mess’ was delightful.  She savored the texture of the sand, how it flew through the air and laughed when it went down her dress.  I’ve done sand-a lot, it’s not new to me so I can’t get the same pleasure from it (I still quite like it though).

To stretch time, we need to keep doing new things.  We need to challenge ourselves, step outside the comfort zone and push ourselves to try new stuff, whether for work or for fun, both are important.  Mix things up a bit, learn something new.   My brain doesn’t hurt regularly enough anymore and that’s not a good thing and it’s going to change.

The second thing I wanted to talk about and my time is running out- what does that mean by the way?  I read a great article on time management, rather than precis it or pretend that it’s mine, here’s the link, 26 time management tips It’s written by a French Canadian, Etienne Garbugli, nothing new but a great summary of key points to time management, that he wished he’d known at 20.  I like it as it’s sharp, concise and relevant.  My two favorites are: doing is better than perfect (Facebook motto) and working more hours doesn’t mean more productivity-use constraints as opportunities.  It’s not the greatest blog post but I did it and in the limited time I had!

Have a great week.