So what is an argument?

Life is all about learning isn’t it? I thought I knew the answer to this one, and it’s fair to say that the definition of argument is not something that I’ve given a great deal of thought, until we’ve started to market our influencing training.

Mike is going to address the The Inspired Group a business networking group in Cambridge on Thursday evening, if you follow the link, you can see Mike talking about influencing. In the run up to the meeting an online discussion has formed around what makes a good argument. What is clear is that for most people an argument is a polarised position between opposing ideas, and for some it’s something to be avoided. For others it’s about ‘winning.’ There have been cultural issues raised- we Brits simply do not like arguing and therefore miss out on having our ideas challenged and developed. However, for us the interpretation of an argument is more subtle, it’s about persuasion and influence, an attempt to persuade someone of something, by giving reasons for accepting a particular conclusion as evident.

However we label it, what’s clear is that being able to get your point across so that others own and adopt it is a very powerful tool. If you’d like to know more we still have some places available for our open course, Influencing 19 Feb 2013 please do get in touch if you’re interested.

Have a good week