Rip it up and start again


There’s a balance isn’t there- between preparing well for a meeting and then being prepared to put all this preparation aside as it’s not going to work  This happened to me last week.

I had prepared well for the meeting.  It promised to be lively (read shouty) as issues to be addressed were contentious and those attending were not known for sitting quietly and listening to others. I designed a process that warmed the group up, introduced the topic of merging gently by looking at past successes and the benefits that could be gained in the future in a more collaborative manner.  We would then hit the meat of looking at streamlining services and stakeholders yielding sovereignty or as some would say, losing income.  Not an easy topic when jobs and services could be at stake.

On reading through the agenda one last time before I left for the meeting. It occurred to me that I was avoiding getting to the heart of the issue by looking at ‘safe’ topics.  By warming people up, I was wasting time on comfort when we should be concentrating on the task hand.

I started the meeting  by suggesting we move for the final agenda item and ignore the all other items as we had to tackle the task at hand head on.  This frank approach clearly communicated what we needed to achieve and made for a productive and lively (still a bit shouty) meeting.

All good fun.

Have a good week.