Refreshing the website – your advice please

We are refreshing the content and look of the Inspiring Partnerships website this summer and are keen to hear your thoughts.  In an ever changing world, it is obviously important to keep a website fresh but what should we change and what should stay?


We have the advice of our website designers and know that we need to do more on Search Engine Optimisation – training to follow!  We also need to make the most of links and social media but we would be interested in your thoughts on other areas:

  • we have rewritten the home page – with a stronger focus on how Inspiring Partnerships contributes to economic and community growth – what do you think?
  • is the website useful – we are keen to offer a variety of resources to people who look at our website – do you have any suggestions?
  • what else do you need to know?  what would make you stay for longer on each page?
  • graphics – would you like to see more pictures or even the use of video to explain what we do?
  • is it easy to navigate?  can you find what you want to?

We have several new testimonials ready to upload and have added a number of case studies.  You are the users and we are keen to hear what you think.

The project is continuing and hopefully we will be able to have a refreshed website going from our 2 year anniversary in November.

Many thanks for your help,