Ready for business- with an elevator

Our website is live, take a look at it, we’re really pleased with it.

We”ve had a really busy week, networking, editing website, chasing and most importantly, bringing in some work!  Judith went to a great networking meeting where she met some great contacts and reported that we needed to work on a elevator pitch immediately.  You know that’s been something on my ‘to do’ list for years but somehow it’s always slipped .  There was always something more important to do!  

In our line of work it’s really important that we can articulate our offer quickly and clearly so….this time there was no avoiding it.  Help was found following a cursory look on the web, which led us to a really useful tool from the Harvard Business School  It’s well structured, straighforward and easy to use.  It certainly got us on the right track for ours.  Check it out for yourself

Business cards are printed, there’s even talk of a brochure and our first lot of training is well on the way