Mike takes off his wig

I have been sat here for ages trying to think up a smart title for this post. I failed. I’ve had lots of ideas but none of them cut it for me so I’ve gone left field. This one might not work either, but if you’re reading this, it’s got your attention.

Our first training of 2013 is approaching fast. It’s an open course on February 19 on influencing skills. Mike, a barrister by profession, (hence the ‘taking off the wig’ joke) is going to be delivering it in Cambridge. We’ve deliberately limited it to 12 participants so that delegates can practice and refine their influencing skills. Watch the website Inspiring Partnerships for more information to be posted later this week.

January for us is an exciting time, we’re planning, developing new products and testing new concepts and ideas with contacts, colleagues and friends who are kind enough to act as sounding boards. Today was a day of two meeting, both really interesting, neither going the way I had envisaged but both leaving us with plenty to think about.

One of them in particular, reminded me of a comment that a client made last Friday during a discussion about creative ideas happening in organised chaos. Somehow we got to talking about Tim Smit of the Eden Project. Apparently (according to Keith) he accepts one in three speaking invitations, irrespective of what it is. The reason being that he’s learnt that being open to all ideas and situations has rewarded him with brilliant opportunities that would otherwise have not come his way.

On this note, we might end up redefining our offer (not changing our offer but changing the way we articulate it) on the back of one of our meetings today. This is because of a well observed comment spotting a common theme on all what we do which resonated for both of us- Judith even scrawled it down in capital letters across her notebook! If we do the change it’ll be because we recognised an opportunity where we least expected it to see one, even if it means a lot of work on the website…

2013 is shaping up to be interesting