Marriage Guidance- but so much more!

I had a strange conversation with Nic this week.  She wanted to know if everything was ‘alright’ at home.  It was one of the awkward conversations, then she mentioned that I had just texted her that I had been to Relate……

I had shared her assumption that Relate is all about averting divorce.  I now have  a completely different take on the organisation following my  fascinating meeting with the Chief Executive of Relate Bedford and Luton this week.   Relate Bedfordshire and Luton is a charity entirely devoted to building stronger relationships not just personal ones, they  offer support for relationships in all areas of life:

  • Adult- I’d guessed this one
  • Family- and this one but also assist
  • Young people
  • Armed services
  • Employers managing and supporting their staff

In the new world, charities have to be business focussed efficient operations to continue to deliver services to their beneficiaries.  They are so much more than goodwill, donations and volunteers.  Those that are succeeding are strategic organisations, managing their business, working with partners to provide complex packages of services within tight budgets – in order to deliver vital services to a huge range of people in our community.

At Inspiring Partnerships we are keen to support voluntary sector organisations to be the best they can for their communities.  We have strategic and operational expertise and enjoy working with people who runs organisations to make them even better.  Nic and I have both worked and volunteered locally and nationally in the sector.  Please contact us if you think our consultancy, facilitation, events, project management or training may help your organisation.  We are offering a free consultation meeting as part of our launch offer – so give us a call or drop us a line!