Learning new things

Isn’t it great to learn new stuff?  This week we’ve mostly been learning about….social media and websites.  It’s not as frightening or difficult as it seems, and we’ve both enjoyed doing it despite our initital reservations.  We’ve both got twitter accounts, whilst I’m just watching, Judith has tweeted.  Then we come to the world of websites and hosting.  I would like to write comprehensively on the subject but I haven’t learnt that much.

We’ve commissioned a website and we should be live in a couple of weeks.  We’ve been buying and transferring domain names, I have nominet on repeat dial.  We have been deciding on style and content of the website, interestingly it’s been the former which has been the most difficult.  But it’s all good stuff.  We have a training day next week with the web designer and there’ll be no stopping us then.

On the work front, we’re developing a tool on employability.  It’s something that keeps coming up in meeting after meeting at the moment.  We’ll keep you posted.