COME ON!! Keep things simple


After all the rain we’ve had in Cambridge this morning, this is what my grass looks like.  Simple, yet beautiful.

I learnt a big lesson last week, and as so often the in such cases, not in a manner in which I’d have chosen.

During the hot weather, I had spent a long time, shut in a hot office writing a bid for a piece of work which we knew was a long shot.  It was tight deadlines but we decided to put in a tender.

I sweated (literally) over the latest version of the document; I got ready to email it over to Judith for comments having a hot and bothered three year old on my lap.  I closed and saved the document and experienced a slight sense of unease as it was file attached to an email.  I hadn’t saved it to my hard-drive.  I tried to find it and couldn’t.  I didn’t panic, I was sure I would find it.  After three hours of looking, following a lot of advice and suggestions and learning what a common problem it is (that was no comfort)  I still couldn’t find it. I accepted that I’d lost 6 hours work which produced the final draft.  The bid was due in the next day.

Should I redo the document?  It was a speculative bid, I was hot and very tired with limited concentration ability.

I had dinner with the family in the garden and decided that I was going to have to try and recapture the days work.  I turned to my husband and said I need a pep talk to get motivated to work on this (insert appropriate expletive) bid again.  He’s an intelligent man, a great motivator and I needed words of wisdom.  He turned to me and shouted COME ON!!! You can do it!  accompanied by a clenched fist.  It  made me laugh.

I postponed the wine and got back to bid writing, I finished by 9.30 pm and delivered the document the next morning.  As Judith said during one of many conversations that day- there’s a blog in here somewhere.

Here it is.  It’s not complicated, if you make a mistake, accept it and the consequences and decide what to do next (and don’t make the same mistake again- that isn’t complicated either, that’s just stupid)  and make a decision.  It didn’t need a lot of thought and soul searching, it just needed a quick decision.

I’d love to finish by saying we got the bid- we didn’t but we knew it was a long shot..