Keeping things focused

It’s going to be brief today just two points from two great books.  I am Mrs Focus.

The first one by Tim Ferris- The 4 hour Week.  Clearly Ferris is a bit odd in approach at times but some of his stuff is brilliant.  The key lesson that I’m going to highlight from his book is to decide what absolutely must be achieved today before you start and put a really stretching time limit on it.  What a lot I’ve got done using this simple idea.

Second book is by Jonah Berger called Contagious,.  This is all about why things catch on,  why do some ideas take off and others don’t.  It’s a great book, I thoroughly recommend it with lots of powerful stories and a coherent structure for helping ideas and concepts to spread using triggers and emotional currency amongst other tricks.  You really should read this book.   Berger talks about the power of word of mouth is, it’s targeted and relevant to those receiving it.  The jaw dropping fact is that only 7% on it happens on line.  That’s really interesting isn’t it?

Gotta go, timers running