Just don’t call it project management

The words we use are important.  The term project management can strike fear into the hearts of some people, but really it shouldn’t and we need basic key project management skills every day.

Judith and I drew breadth last week and took some time to talk about the business and how it’s moving forward.  Although we both appreciate the important concept of working on the business and not just in it, it can be difficult to find time to do this as small business!

During our catch up, a theme developed.  We realised that we’d both witnessed examples of work that hadn’t quite ‘hit the mark’.  It was across a range of work.  It included a training course with not enough/right delegates, missing the deadlines for a formal report and recommendations to a board lacking sufficient and timely information.  These problems were not about lack of expertise or knowledge in a subject area but about a lack of understanding of basic project management skills.  Success is dependent on meaningful preparation, getting the basics right.   A long time ago, I worked in a bank.  Although not labeled as such I was taught the practice of good solid project management.

Project management is  a confused term.  For some it infers a highly complicated formal process, others simply don’t recognise that they need basic project management skills to deliver effectively.


It’s not complicated.  To be successful we must be clear on what we need to achieve and then work out the steps to take to achieve our task.  The nature and complexity of the task will shape the nature and number of steps but the underlying process is the same.

For more information about project management please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Have a great week, the sun is out in Cambridge.