Inspiring Confidence in 2014 – Make a Start!

A December blog entry was about the role confidence can play in job recruitment and training and my perception that it is a substantial barrier to work.  This week, as we have enjoyed the company of family and friends, so many have said about the opportunities and plans they should be making but how they themselves feel challenged, worried they won’t cope or perhaps won’t reach the goals they have set.  As the Christmas tree and tinsel comes down, so do many people as we go into the rain of January.

I would like to make 2014 a year of inspiring confidence!  Nic and I do this for one another nearly every time we speak.  I will tell her about a personal or business issue and she will suggest a new way, a different approach, a friend with a similar experience or an excellent book – she has a very good line in those!  In that way I can develop a new competence and hopefully solve a problem or certainly get some support in solving it.  My skills are enhanced by the conversation.

It is also about self-esteem which I would define as that wider, more general feeling, not just about competence but about your care and consideration for yourself.  It includes how we talk to ourselves.  Many times we have all said we can’t do something, we don’t apply for the opportunity or don’t take a risk and it seems to prove to us we were right.  We said we could not do it and we did not – so therefore we were right!  Let’s help our self-esteem to thrive and embrace the positive thinking in 2014 just little by little….

I am going to set myself a challenge to

a)      Make sure I offer support and new strategies to develop competence and skills with all my friends and clients – you were warned!

b)      Take a deep breath and tell myself “I can do it” each time my self-esteem starts to let me downbelieve in yourself

Let’s build our confidence and inspire confidence in others this year!  Give it a try and let us have your feedback through our Twitter and Facebook pages.