How many consultants does it take to change a light bulb?

2 who are committed, read the brief, and listen to the client.

Nic and I have both spent part of the last two weeks developing a proposal for some really interesting work and then planning our presentation for the interview today.  We will hear in a week or so – watch this space!

Both of us have spent years on the other side of this fence – writing the brief, trying to refine what we needed, working out the job or role specifications, thinking about how an interview could tease out the best people and allow us to avoid recruiting the wrong set of consultants.  We have learnt a lot about the process from this – we wanted:

  • Integrity and honest answers
  • Structured presentation but not “over” spun
  • Clarity & flexibility
  • A conversation rather than a stage show
  • Good use of technology but nothing too flashy
  • a genuine understanding of the brief
  • Added value
  • Something different
  • Responsiveness and real approachability
  • The people who would actually do the job – not the marketing team

We believe that is what we delivered today – we were afforded a relaxed and informal meeting for the interview which supported the conversational style – we were able to answer fully and to explain about our previous experience, as well as focusing on the core of the brief.  We had 5 slides which we used to showcase our approach for their brief and their priorities.  The slides gave us an agreed structure and clarity without dominating the interview with powerpoint slides.  We made suggestions about details and explored these, agreeing to amend these where local experience suggested a different approach may be required.  We offered a good value price and an availability to commence the work within their time frame.  It would be Nic and I doing the work and it was us who shared the presentation and questions.  Nic used a powerful personal example to demonstrate how interested and committed to the work we are – and that made me realise the other thing I was always seeking from a consultant at EEDA and before – I was looking for someone who wanted to do the work and work with the EEDA team on the project and achieve the goals – just as much as I did.

We have learnt a lot from the proposal and the interview and it will help us shape future tenders and our business development.  There would be a silver lining in the cloud if we were not successful but I do really hope we are!