Hey, ho, hey ho it’s off to learn I go!

For parents up and down the land, we have been sewing in nametapes, realising that uniforms that did fit in July are now far too small and that the mist and fog of yesterday morning marks the start of the autumn term!  The juggling of childcare, school work and business begins again!back-to-school

The real lesson for me though is how I am learning as much as the children in their new classes and lessons and that I have to be as open to the idea of learning and seeking out new concepts and innovative solutions as they do – or as I want them to be!  This is pretty tricky for adults sometimes – we are good at instilling it in our children and spouses – Do your best! Think positive! Try something new! But do we always do it ourselves?

I am working on a project that involves a lot of people learning as they go – new partners working together, existing partners playing new roles, people who normally deliver, sitting back and facilitating, people uncertain about their role and wondering if they may upset any of the other players by taking the initiative.  It has all been pulled together in a hurry but as long as we all keep talking and recognise that we are learning as we go we will make progress and be slicker in the next delivery cycle.