Fundamental doubt is the father of all knowledge..or knowing nothing

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At university, I studied sociological theory.   I really wanted to study Karl Marx, so much so I was planning on taking it as my specialist subject.  The other sociologist on offer to me was Max Weber, mostly known for his work the Protestant Ethic and Spirit of Capitalism.  I knew little of him, other than a very basic understanding (which turned out to be wrong) and in the naive way of youth was dismissive of Weber and his work.

All students on my course had to decide between Weber and Marx, to me there was no choice.  However, within seconds of meeting the two professors I had changed my mind.  Professor A mumbled on about Marx, didn’t get eye contact and I couldn’t understand a word.  Professor B stood up, gave a clear and passionate speech on Weber, outlining his brilliance and sharing how she’d teach her seminars.  I was hooked.  At the end of the session  most of the group (to my amazement)  went to Professor Mumble but I was knocking over chairs to be with Professor Charisma.  It was a great decision.  Our group was small but enthusiastic, I wrote my dissertation on the modern day use of religious language to justify capitalism (good enough to publish don’t you know).  I described myself as one was of Thatcher’s children being a teenager when she first elected to lead the Conservatives.  I based much of my research on her use of language in her conference addresses.  But that’s another story..

The title of the blog is my favourite quote, it was from an essay on science by Max Weber and studying it made my brain hurt but it felt good…It’s still rings true for me, the more I know the more I realise I know almost nothing.

If I hadn’t been able to ditch all my prejudices quickly and make a decision based on a five minute pitch (which is what it was, she wasn’t British) I wouldn’t have experienced the most intellectually stimulating period of my life.

This blog was supposed to be about twitter and getting the right strategy in place, it’s probably because I thought I’d got the hang of it a bit but sill know nothing.  So maybe there’s a lesson still in there.

Happy days