Excitement of a new challenge

New opportunities for the business have been the focus of this week.  A great example is the project that I began today working as an Associate of Culture First.  Culture First http://www.culture-first.com/ is a social enterprise supporting knowledge sharing, leadership development and sector transformation in the sport and culture fields.  My relationship with Heidi Bellamy and Culture First grew from my work on economic development and its links with sport and culture but also through my generic business plan development, facilitation, project management and evaluation expertise.culture 1st

Culture First have been appointed to engage strategically and operationally in collaborative development opportunities locally.  We will be working with the staff in the services through interviews and workshops to create a long term vision for the services and look at their feasibility and deliverability.  My role is support the engagement and business case development.

5 principles that underpin the project strategy can be summarised as:

  1. Supporting excellence
  2. Engaging the wider community
  3. Creating secure and sustainable services
  4. Supporting a skilled workforce
  5. Maximising collaboration

5 objectives then carry this forward and towards the South East Midlands work:

  1. Bigger and better services in partnership – working to achieve resilient, flexible services that can reach new audiences and achieve new outcomes
  2. Supporting a responsive workforce with strengthened leadership
  3. Enhancing digitalisation
  4. Widening the access
  5. Developing greater outcomes through partnership – measuring those outcomes and linking to wider partners to deliver greater impact including with education and tourism

Although my learning curve is considerable, these political, financial and service challenges are very familiar.   With the Culture First team expertise, I am confident that we will deliver innovative and practical recommendations in the new project developed through fruitful engagement.