Employability and the art of positive thinking!

Monday morning was a great experience for me – off to a local college to meet the students undertaking a hospitality pre-employment course.

I met six young women who are enthusiastic, know the value of presentation and customer service and were all on time on a Monday morning in July in the sunshine!   They have the challenges of health and safety and food hygiene later in the week.

All had faced barriers and are facing barriers now.  As unemployed people, several of them:

  • Had worked in the sector before
  • Have little faith in the Job Centre services
  • Are unsure how best to increase their chances of employment
  • Are fed up with rejection or completing forms to hear nothing back
  • Have dependents and are juggling responsibilities and budgets
  • Have low confidence
  • Have previously been sent on a number of courses to increase their job prospects
  • Have not left full time education with all the basic skills

The course, like many employability courses, aims to tackle some of these – but most importantly it connects the students who complete the course with employers and interviews for job vacancies.

Not everyone will get a job from it but everyone will have:

  • knowledge of what is important in the sector and connections wpositive-thinkingith the local employers
  • met local employers and people who represent them
  • had the opportunity of applying for jobs and many will be interviewed
  • uploaded their details on a sector specific website which sector employers can search for talent at all levels.

Their chances and hopefully their confidence will have increased and improved.  We spent some time explaining how their experience was valuable and with positive thinking, they could turn their earlier experiences into assets for their future career, just by how they talk about them.

Recognising the barrier of transport, we are also connecting them to the local Transport Choices Hub which offers a ‘Wheels to Work’ scheme with scooters on a 9 month loan for £60 per month.

They have a great tutor with relevant sector and employability experience and, through the Inspiring Partnerships work, very active support in making the connections with the employers.  The course finishes on Friday 26th – watch this space to see how many complete the course and how their job prospects are transformed.