Customer relationship management- right topic, wrong audience


Ok so we didn’t look quite like this, but that’s more a reflection on the politeness of our culture than the content of the presentation.  However, there was a lot of device checking and work going on.  It was really a case of not doing his 5 or 6P’s depending on your sensitivities- I’m a 6P person.

I went to a CRM workshop this week, only two hours, over lunch and local- perfect for me. Customer relationships are key to us as most of our clients are ones that have been with us for years, so the workshop was very tempting.   I had anticipated a broad discussion on the top as it was billed as a taster session, which meant that it was brief, it was but this didn’t make it alright.

At the beginning, the makeup of the audience was established- overwhelmingly very small businesses.  Ones with tiny budgets with business owners doing most of the key elements of the business themselves.  This should have been a warning signal to the presenter that his high level sales pitch for an expensive CRM software system was probably not going to bring him any sales.

We politely (around 15 of us) sat through the presentation focusing on the benefits of the CRM software.  A key element of any CRM system is that it must be used and that means everyone in the business must use it.  We were given examples of huge companies that had spent millions on a CRM system that wasn’t used- not relevant to this audience. It would have been to a audience of businesses with sales and marketing departments but if you’re largely working on your own it really isn’t relevant.  Eventually the elephant in the room made its presence felt in the manner of costs.  Around £45 per month plus a start up fee of circa £2,000.  At that point, I think we all got our phones out.

It’s all about preparation.  I was taught the 6 P’s a long time ago.  If you don’t know it, it’s very useful it’s perfect preparation prevents p**** poor performance.  Of course you can always leave out a word.

Work hard and have fun.