Credibility is key


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On October 13, International Facilitators week starts.  I’ve been a facilitator for a long time and I’ve never noticed this week before, but then again I was largely a social media virgin until relatively recently.

What a good marketing idea- a week to talk about and promote facilitation. There’s some good ideas and some credible attempts to explain what facilitation is about.  For a cheesy and clunky but amusing attempt, just have a look here.

The forthcoming week has made me consider getting accredited as a facilitator, it’s something that I’ve considered before but never seriously. Having spent half an hour looking at what’s on offer it’s not something that I’ll be considering again for a while.  There are a plethora of organisations offering ‘accredited’ facilitation services.  There are two international organisations, one an institute and one an association, but apart from that the names are the same.  Both charge a substantial amount of money.  If I can’t judge who to approach for professional accreditation then how does a potential client infer meaning from any facilitation accreditation? The answer is of course, they don’t. People use our services because of our experience, reputation and our credibility, most of our clients are repeat business.

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