Celebrate success – it’s Christmas!

As you wrap those presents and seek out the mince pies and mistletoe, what are your five working highlights of the past year? I have chosen these five from the past 12 months.


  • Completing 2 maps of business support provision for SEMLEP and Buckinghamshire Business First – 100s of national providers and local schemes have been noted – all helping business grow. Department of Business, Innovation and Skills circulated the report to all the LEPs as a example of good practice. The landscape has already changed and the map will need updating but it is good to understand what is working and where so we can work more effectively in partnership.
  • Visiting businesses across Bedfordshire and brokering over 30 capital grant applications and claims. It was great to see so many different businesses and meet so many people working to grow their business, jobs and opportunities. The variety of the Bedfordshire economy was amazing – signal boxes for railways, ice cream makers, craftsmen and hauliers in just a few months.
  • Seeing innovation in action with the University of Bedfordshire on Innovation Bridge was exciting as the project came in exceeding the outputs we had forecast. A strong platform for the current bid.
  • Continuing to develop other interests in my business – working with colleagues in Local Archives across the South of England was fun and the partnership that project evolved will be one to watch for 2016 – such a positive vibe from the last meeting!
  • Finding time for coaching sessions with Bird Table was also a success – setting aside time for reflection and business planning helped me to review my business and re-launch my website in October.

It is a time to look back on the past year and there are always ups and downs but as we reflect on 2015, can you choose your 5 business highlights of the year? I wish you a merry Christmas and peaceful new year!