Business today is more than ever a question of cooperation


The Village Lower School offers a Values Led education which this week meant the Lent Concert comprised 15 songs all about the values of the school – respect, co-operation, trust, love, faith, honesty etc.  You could not help but wish some of those values would come home with the little cherubs!

This working week has been all about very effective co-operation , trust and many other of the long list of song titles.  I have been working with local authority partners and other consultants to put together a bid for over £1m of government funding to transform the skills infrastructure of the hospitality and leisure sector locally.  We are aiming to involve employers in the pre-employment and workforce development provision so that provision meets business needs in a more effective way that ever before!  The aim is business growth and more jobs.  The initial challenge in all of this is to design a coherent concept and plan to fit in with the deadline whilst ensuring that key stakeholders are involved – oh and all of that inside a month!

It has been about making sure the skills of the team involved have been fully deployed – business engagement experts focus on that area, people who understand about learner numbers generate the output numbers, the eyes for detail check the character count and whether you can insert tables into online application forms!  I have been working with a high calibre team but the reason it has worked has been about the approach as much as about knowledge and experience:

  • Responsibility – everyone has done exactly what they said when they said they would
  • Co-operation – each team member has welcomed the contribution of others and then added value to it
  • Respect – everyone knew about the role and background of the other team members and was pleased to be part of the team
  • Quality – everyone wanted to make this the best bid they could
  • Understanding – the other work commitments were factored in from the outset despite the different organisations involved

Finally we just need the Faith that we will be successful or at least encouraged to develop this emerging project into a real exciting full application for the next deadline in October.  May be I will have remembered all of the values by then….. humility, friendship……..