Bluebells to sunflowers – the benefits of business advice

Inspiring Partnerships has a new website! Our focus on enabling sustainable economic growth is sharper and we have three fields of work: research and business case development; project management; and stakeholder engagement. Do have a look at the new site which sets out our business offer and how we work with our clients. Thank you to existing clients for all the testimonials and we are hoping for many more!  The logo has changed from bluebells to sunflowers to represent the vibrancy and growth of the business and the outcomes we wish to deliver.sunflowers

To reach this relaunch has taken months of behind the scenes action and I have not been alone. The purpose of this blog is to celebrate the new website and its potential to grow the business but also to recognise the contributions of others to the process. Without them this website would not be here.

We received great business advice from the local enterprise agency funded by the local authority. They helped me look at the business offer and really clarify what we do best and can develop the best income stream.  Geraldine reviewed the business plan and website and acted as a brilliant critical friend – it is much easier to change something when someone tells you what needs to be done! It is also hard to see the wood for the trees in your own business.

I participated in a female business coaching group locally. The coach, Karen, was supportive and her techniques really  drew out what I needed to focus on and helped me plan a path for my business. The other ladies attending the group asked challenging questions and forced me to think what I really wanted for myself and my business.  We have the next autumn session next week and I’ll be able to go back and say “thanks ladies, I did it!”.

I appointed a wonderful web designer to help me redesign and understand how design and function of the website could help me sell my business online. She also helped me understand what value means in terms of web design. Many of the technically challenged (like me) need honest and trustworthy advice and a ready explanation for things we don’t understand. I got exactly that from Susie.

I recognise now how much business benefits from the advice of other business people who understand our business. I have been privileged to deliver business support but this summer have experienced this for myself.  Constructive criticism is key to making progress and I am pleased to present the result of this dialogue in my new website.  Let me know what you think….